Thursday, 21 January 2016

I Made It....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

I know the title seems exactly like what I do here in this corner of the blog world, but it is actually in reference to the fact that I made it through this week.  For some reason this week has been incredibly long and I only had to work 4 days this week!  Not sure if I am coming down with something or what, but just felt sluggish and tired all week.  This of course coming from the person who never sleeps more than 4 hours and never more than 2 hours at a time as at 0300 hours I always wake up to check my blood sugar.  Too many years of doing that.  I used to to be able to work 69.75 hours in a week for weeks on end and not feel tired, yet this week a mere 31 hours and I am exhausted.

Oh well, tomorrow is a day of rest...sort of.

After walking the dog, getting kiddo ready for bed and talking with hubby on the phone  I went down to my craft room thinking maybe that would perk me up.  Nope.  I did manage to make Block 34 of the Churn Dash Challenge:

Okay, now off to do a bit of knitting and then head to bed.  Tomorrow is a day full of errands : (

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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