Sunday, 24 January 2016

Block 35 ☺

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today kiddo and I awoke bright and early for some reason. After breakfast and what was supposed to be a little vacuuming we were going to have a pajama day.  Well, for some reason I could not stop cleaning.  My hardwood floors are all completely vacuumed, washed and then rubbed down with Orange Oil as was all the wood furniture including kitchen cabinets.  All sofas were vacuumed and the leather treated.  Light fixtures were washed and re-attached.  Basically, if it could have been cleaned it was.  That also included the dog and his kennel.  The entire kennel was cleaned.  He was vacuumed (yes I vacuum the dog, he seems to be okay with it and even rolls over for his tummy to be vacuumed), bathed and then brushed when dry.  All tiles were washed as well and all of the grout washed with the toothbrush ☺

As of dinner time this evening the whole house basically shines!  It makes me happy.

Tomorrow is a school day so after kiddo had his bath and story I went to my craft room to relax for a bit.  My intent today was to get caught up on some of my projects but 9 hours of housework sort of got in the way.

As of just a few minutes ago I finished Block 35 of the Churn Dash Challenge:

TAH DAH!  Now off to bed as I work all of this week.  No bonus days off for me!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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