Saturday, 23 January 2016

Pizza Night!

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

Yesterday was my day off and I was supposed to get lots done.  NOT!!!

I had an 0830 appointment for an oil change for the Go Go Go Toyota.  I got there on time and was to be there for an hour.  The service manager pulled me aside when I arrived and let me know that since I an American Toyota brought into Canada that he had gone and looked through the American recall data base and there was a recall issued in the US that of course was not issued in Canada and that they would need the car for the day.  So, I got shuttled home.  Thank goodness hubby left me the Focus and parked the F-350 at the airport.  

Went to the doctor to get my allergic reaction rash from the multi vitamin I took looked at.  Still need another week of steroid cream.  YAY (maybe).

Stopped at Costco for groceries (fun with the Focus).  

Then it was time to go pick up the Go Go Go Toyota and my son.  Since I was off for the day he wanted me to pick him up at school rather than take the bus home ☺

Then we headed out to my friend Julie and her husband's ranch for dinner and a Tupperware party among other things!  It was neat to be a part of one of these again.  The sales rep was not very good.  I would know because growing up in rural Saskatchewan if your mom is not a teacher or a nurse, she is a Tupperware dealer.  It was so nice to see how these rural women and their spouses interact, it was like being at home.  The husbands all sat in the living room and talked about cows, the price of grain and diesel pick up trucks and the women shopped.  What was also refreshing to see if how these women all support one another because since Julie was the hostess of this event because she had agreed to host a party for one of the other ladies present, the women around the table discussed who would host two parties for her so that she could get the most benefit.  It was so awesome to see these women come together for the benefit of another.  I agreed to be one of the people to host a party for Julie later this spring. ☺

The drive out and back was beautiful.  

Today we got up early to get my son to swimming.  Then we stopped at GlassMasters to get the chip in the windshield fixed.  Stopped for lunch at Press'd and got my son in to a cancellation hair cut appointment at Chatters.  

Had an afternoon nap and then got up to make Pizza for dinner.  I used the Homemade Pizza Dough recipe and it turned out FANTASTIC:

There was enough dough that I divided this into three balls and froze two balls for future pizza crusts.  The other one became dinner:


Did a bit of knitting on my Oroya Shawl tonight.  I did 2 rows, but because of the yarn and the intricate nature of this it takes forever and forever to actually look like something has been accomplished.

Hope this inspires own creativity...


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