Friday, 15 May 2015

At Two O'Clock in the Morning.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I was singing these words at 0200 hours this morning when I finally got all the pieces and borders assembled and sewn onto this quilt.

As you can see in this not very good picture (remember 0200 hours - neither camera or I were awake) one of my quilting buddies decided that it was time to take a rest, and since I was "sew" tired I even let him pause there for a bit:

Here the quilt is by morning light on its way to get quilted:

After picking up extra wide flannel backing at Woodland Quilting and also picking up my version of this quilt that I had sent out to be long armed we headed over to Sparrow Studioz for me to do the quilting.  The staff there were super helpful ☺  I had taken a learn to long arm class there last summer but never had the time to go back sooner, so essentially had forgotten everything I had been taught!

Getting quilted:
My son took a turn doing a row of stitching.  It's his contribution to this quilt since it is a Wedding Present for my friend ☺

All Done!

I am "sew" super chuffed with myself right now for having done this.  I have never long armed before and I did the entire quilt which makes me "sew" happy that every stitch in this quilt has been done by me (or my son)!  ♫

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. The quilt looks amazing Kathy and way to go on the quilting!!!!! Awesome job!!!!

  2. Thanks Jane. It was super fun, and I will do it again. ♫