Sunday, 24 May 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

That was an expression that my Grandma Sadie always used.  Sometimes I feel like her, especially this weekend.

Friday evening my son and I went to Coffee Talk, an event my friend Karina hosts for her group of Stampin' Up demonstrators.  Somehow I still have not lost my demonstrator status ☺
I will show the cards another day as I still have not taken pictures of them!

Saturday we took a road trip stopping at Prairie Points Quilt Shop for some fabric to finish a couple of current quilts.  I also wanted to show Lynn the place mats I made using a bird fabric panel I had picked up there a couple of months ago:

Then we headed on out to the farm for the night.

I checked on the garden.  The strawberries, rhubarb and lavender are fine.

In the garden some of the plants have even sprouted out through the dirt.  A few of the potatoes are clear of the dirt, their entire diameter about the size of a Loonie!

While I was weeding out the obvious weeds this critter was chattering at me the entire time, so I took a picture of him:

We came home in time today to get groceries at Costco and I got some petunias, dahlias and Martha Washington Geraniums for the flower pots and bed at home:

Then it was time for dinner.  We had Taco's as the other day I found these Tortilla Bowls here locally (not something I brought back from one of my USA trips)! ☺

Then it was time for a bike ride and then get ready for bed as tomorrow starts another school and work week!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...

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