Monday, 18 May 2015

DOH!!!! Long Weekend Over Already

Good Evening Internet Friends!

So, the Victoria Day Long Weekend is over.  As my son put it though it is still a bonus, because not only did we get a long weekend, but now we have a short week!.  Alright, try to look at this positively...

The weather forecast for the farm last night was - 4 degrees Celsius (25 F)!  Most of my plants had not yet surfaced so I figured that they would be okay in their dirt bed, but what about the strawberries, rhubarb and lavender.  I spent most of yesterday afternoon fretting about this until I was cutting off the edges of my quilt to put on the binding.  As I pulled off those long rows of bamboo batting I realized that since it makes quilts nice and warm that I could probably make a quilt for my plants. ☺

A quick trip to town to the Peavy Mart for some tarps and I made the best sleeping bag ever for my garden:

Today when I unwrapped everything I found:

The neighbor lost 23 of his tomato plants : (, wasn't using bamboo quilt batting is my guess.

Last evening I finished my Sylvia Olsen toque:

It kept my head warm last night while I brought all the flower pots in to the 5th wheel for the night!

Still need to block it, but it is very cozy and I will be knitting a few more of these in my future I think...

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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