Saturday, 9 May 2015

Great Big Fat Day of NOTHING!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I hope your day was as non exciting as mine.

The morning started off with my son annoying the cat:
Hello Kitty sat on the couch for quite a while before he decided to venture out in the house with his decorations.  Eventually he did lose them somewhere. ☺

For lunch I made Salmon Quiche and Caesar Salad:
There is no recipe to go along with this as it is made up as I went.  Somehow the cream froze in the back of the fridge.  Some mouse (you know who you are) ate the last of the Swiss Cheese, and all but one mushroom was gone!

After lunch my son and I walked over to Be A Bella for random amounts of candy.  We stopped at the park to play on the way since the day was beautiful.

When we returned home I sewed the binding on one of my quilts that I finished maybe last summer (maybe earlier) but had not yet put the binding on.  I sewed on the binding and then after dinner this evening hand stitched the binding to the backing.  I wanted to complete it today so that I can take it to the Fifth Wheel tomorrow when I go out to the acreage to plant the garden ☺:

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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