Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February Quilt Calendar

 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!  xoxoxoxoxoxo
This year I have decided to participate in the Block of the Month Calendar program offered by Sew Divine.  These monthly blocks are part of the Patchabilities Monthly Mini's set.  The main reason I chose to do this set was because they have a Canada option for the month of July.  GO CANADA GO!!!! (I digress.....).
These blocks come with the pattern and fabrics but what makes them "Top Drawer" in my world is that there are seasonally appropriate top banners for the frame to coordinate with the months (this month has the hearts at the top, however, my son pointed out that they look like fish skeletons drawn next to cats or racoons in books - and they kind of do), and additionally there is a stick of a white oil based painted that was used to stencil in the "hugs & kisses".
Now, there is a brush included in the kit for which you are supposed to brush the oil paint into place, but I have a hard time following directions - way too over rated I think.  So, I took the paint stick and rubbed over the stencil until the letters were as white as I thought they should be.  Instructions stated to dry over night before appliqueing the next day which seemed reasonable since this was of course a red eye craft.  Next day, still wet, and same for the next week!!!!  Note to self, start earlier next time, as I have no intention of spending the better part of my day applying paint stick with a brush.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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