Thursday, 21 April 2016


Good Evening Internet Friends!

It's ALMOST the weekend!!!   YAY.  

I did agree to pick up a casual shift in a clinic I used to work at tomorrow so although it would normally be my day off I am going to work ☺

Today is the first time in several days that I did anything even remotely creative as with my shoulder skin being ripped last weekend in the "incident" I have not been able to move too much.  Apparently one cannot even knit when the shoulder is hurt.

Thankfully one of my NP colleagues took a look at it on Tuesday and started applying daily dresssings for me and as of this evening it is closed over with VERY delicate skin, but it is closed over and NO infection despite the amount of debris she removed Tuesday and Wednesday.  Almost healed.

This evening since I have to pack lunches tomorrow yet I made banana cake for morning snack:


Now off to bed as I have to be at work much earlier than I am used to tomorrow morning ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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