Friday, 29 April 2016

Time Out...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Late last week I received a package in the mail from Stampin' Up.  I assumed it was some back ordered item that I had forgotten about.

Instead what I got was:

A one inch pin for my five years being a hobby demonstrator.  It actually was five years ago in November 2015 but apparently they are a little slow.

I chuckled when I got this as I had already made the decision to drop my demo status last month.  I simply do not need (okay no one ever needs) any more of the merchandise in the current catalogue.  I suppose I could order paper but the amount of paper I would have to order would deforest some community over night.  

As my close friends know last September I was hit with three very traumatic life events in a space of ten days.  Seriously.  I have carried on as best as I can but I have fallen behind on many things that I used to do and or should be doing including my crafting.  

So, I am taking a Time Out from Stampin' Up right now.  Not only do I not need any of their product, but I should either use or relocate what I am not currently using or going to use.  

I have seen the Summer 2016 catalogue and there are several items in there that I will probably sign up for later this summer when there is some amazing promotion.  But for now I am going to start using what I have.

Over the next few months expect to see all kinds of things getting used up as part of my self proposed Time Out. 

 This evening I made 4 cards from the Tin of Cards kit that I ordered last summer!  


Now it's time to take a jet tub bubble bath and relax as I am going back to working evenings this weekend and for some reason I am still deemed intelligent enough to be in charge!!! 

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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