Sunday, 10 April 2016

Awful Waffle Sunday!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

The weekend is over and it's back to work and school tomorrow.  Seriously, where does the time go.

Since it was Sunday morning I made the usual Awful Waffles for Sunday Breakfast.  Today I made Oatmeal Waffles:

YUM!!!  Good new too, there are left overs for breakfast til at least Wednesday at this point ☺

After lunch we took the dog out for a walk in the River Valley.  We only did about 5 miles round trip because of my asthma and how dry it was down there:

Puppy is getting better all the time and kiddo was even able to walk him for a bit.

After dinner this evening I spent a bit of time in my craft room and started to cut up some of the wonderful soft flannel that I got from 4 Paws Quilting.  I am going to make a rag quilt with it:

Now off to bed cause I have to work this week.  Might be wearing a respirator tomorrow if there is still moving of furniture and painting going on.....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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