Saturday, 9 April 2016


Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

So, today is the start of that mystical thing we wait for on Monday....the weekend.  I am sure that I do more on the weekend than I probably do all week!!!

Today I had plans to sleep in.  Well, I did not go to bed early, so when the alarm clock went off to remind me to get up and get kiddo to the Home Depot to build a Butterfly House it was a little bit of a shock!

Then it was over to Sew Divine to pre-order a Block of the Month I am going to participate in.  I cannot place a link here as this quilt does not seem to exist yet except in a couple of pictures.  It is kind of cool though. ☺

After lunch we headed out on a quest for running shoes for kiddo.  Went to Nike and got two pairs of runners for the summer.  

Since we were on that side of town already we headed over to Real Deal Meats to pick up some beef, some jerky and of course femurs for puppy and my friend Sharon's three doggies.  

Getting home mid afternoon I decided that I wanted poppy seed buns.  Since I simply cannot find anywhere local that makes ones as tasty as the ones back home I decided to make them myself:

Wait to rise.....  then bake:

This evening I did a bit of knitting and even went down to the craft room for a bit, but none of these projects are a huge accomplishment.  Maybe tomorrow...

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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