Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Can I Do it????

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This is my short week of work...sort of.....I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then the dreaded weekend!!!!

Was puttering along alright through today until I got the dreaded phone call at 1227 from school that my son was in sick bay...he was vomiting and complaining of chills.  So, I had not yet eaten my own lunch, got the unit clerks to start cancelling appointments and went to pick up kiddo.

This afternoon was Ginger AleTylenol, puke and sleeping.  I think he is feeling better this evening at least the temperature is back to normal.

For dinner we went looking in the freezer to see what would be palatable to a sick tummy and found a humongous bag of Tasti Taters.  I must have bought them because they are in a Costco sized bag.  No idea why I would have bought them and or when but along with ground chicken (also in the freezer) we made a Shepherd's Pie kind of thingy:

Seems to have fed him as it has not come back up and he has been asleep now for almost 3 hours!!!!

A few weeks back I signed up to take a Tuffet at Woodland Quilting with my friend Sharon from 4 Paws Quilting.  Thanks though to hubby's schedule and kiddo's schedule I was unable to attend last week.  That means that for class on Thursday I have to have the entire tuffet top pieced and sewn together!!!

"SEW" I started this evening...."sew" far I have completed:

Hmmmm...might be a long night sewing tomorrow! ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Oh I love those tuffets! My friend made one and its so nice!!!!! Hope your little guy feels 100% tomorrow!!