Sunday, 17 April 2016

It's a Kathy kind of day..

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today I had great plans for the day.

I slept in this morning til 0845!  Yes, kid and dog let that happen.

We had English Muffins with poached eggs and Turkey Farmer Sausage (on sale last week at Costco) with strawberries and black berries (also from Costco), actually everything was purchased there! 

After breakfast I thought about cleaning out my craft room.  I started but found too many cool things and eventually gave up.

This afternoon I decided that kid and I would take puppy out for his first bike ride; we will ride our bikes and he will run along side.

Well, let's just say that I have road rash down my entire left side, a broken pair of spectacles, a totaled helmet (yes, I actually wore it), pain everywhere (no broken bones - thank you milk), bandages everywhere and have donated blood to a local sidewalk.  Thankfully my neighbor and friend is a Paramedic so kid, dog and I limped over to her house for her to assess me and check on the damage.  By now I am starting to feel the pain everywhere.  Work should be fun tomorrow.

Prior to this eventful and painful excursion, while I was in my craft room I did make:

Twenty more Rag Quilt blocks.  These "plain" non graphic blocks are the ones on which I will put my son's Boy Scout camp out patches.

Now I will take another dose of Tylenol and be off to bed knowing that when I wake I will hurt worse than I do right now!  Goodie Goodie....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Oh Kathy.....hows the pain today???? Double yikes!!!!!

    1. PS. Breakfast looked delicious!