Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Is Coming!!!

I LOVE Christmas.  I love the food, the music, the crafts, and everything that is the "feel" of Christmas.  It is with great joy when the last weekend of November rolls around and I can open up that closet downstairs and let all the Christmas stuff pour out.  Every year when I do this I am almost like a kid at Christmas because my most favorite things are in those boxes and from mid January till end of November they sit all lonesome in the closet waiting to be let out.  This is one of those items.  It is a pillow that I purchased as a kit from The Quilt Patch last summer when I was in Moose Jaw.  I sewed and quilted it and then my son stuffed it with the fluff.  He takes pride in knowing that he did that!  I love everything about this pillow, the colors are my favorite red, the big rick rack, the applique and most of all THE BUTTONS.  Look at how many of those nice big chunky buttons are on it!!!  It is as cozy as it looks.  Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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