Friday, 23 December 2011

Sweet Dreams

Christmas of course is all about family, and that of course means that the family usually comes to visit.  Now, I know that it is never easy to sleep in a new bed, in a different place and yet usually most people will always tell you they slept well, when we all know they didn't.  A co-worker of mine tells the best story about sleeping on a futon in a basement at her sister in laws and how awful it was and yet she proudly tells everyone that she told the sister in law that it was a great sleep!  So, knowing that family members do not tell you how awful their sleeping conditions are at your house, I decided this year I would try to make it a little easier.  I made this "Dream Pillow" a few weeks ago at a Gift Ideas class at a store here in Edmonton called Earth's Aromatique.   When I made it I had big plans as to how to make this way better using my sewing machine, and maybe some embroidery, but alas that still has not happened.  This pillow is made from a block of silk fabric folded, and filled with a wonderful blend of herbs, one of which is something called Mugwort (I love the name of this stuff - it sounds like something Gargamel would use to catch a Smurf!).  I am going to tuck this into the spare bed and along with the polar fleece sheets, and warm woolly quilts hopefully everyone will have a somewhat restful sleep.  Nighty, night........  Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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