Monday, 19 December 2011

Santa's Boots

On the weekend my son and I went to a class at Greenland Garden to learn how to make these wonderful festive center pieces.  I love this garden center as I can kill any plant (sometimes the plant puts up a fight and lasts vigorously but eventually it realizes there is no hope - like the cactus that I forgot to water for 2 years!!!), and yet they are always so helpful and non judgmental about my lack of skill or green thumb (as a Registered Nurse - not sure any one should have one of those - usually requires an amputation), and they offer classes to help those of us with issues.  This was one of those classes.  We were given all of the organic matter that you can see, and actually taught how to use it, arrange it and care for it.  Now if only I could stop sneezing from it that would be great!!!  The little red birds in it are an awesome addition.  After finishing the class we went for a stroll through their Christmas store and got some more really cute Christmas things for the house!!!   Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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