Friday, 30 December 2011

High Tech Quilting

My husband is always very diligent about making sure that I have the latest technology gadgets, even though I am not always that good with these devices!  This year was no exception, as my phone has a small screen, and is too slow to load some web pages (, and my I- pod touch only has Wi-Fi, and there is not usually a hotspot in horse riding arenas, or the other places I sit while my son participates in extra curricular activities it was decided I needed something with portable internet capability.  So, I now have a Galaxy Pad (using it now - have learned to use the flash)!  Of course, it needs a cover, so I made one this evening out of some fat quarters in my stash (fabric - not cookie).  I think it is pretty, and this is my first post using the Galaxy Pad.  Seems to work well so far including taking the picture with it!  Hope this inspires your own creativity...

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