Friday, 27 January 2012

Cookies a la Evelyn

While I love the idea of the Cookie Stamps from Stampin Up, I have difficulty with getting good images from the snowflake and now the heart Cookie Stamps.  The Halloween one was great because the image protruded from the stamp face, the other Cookie Stamps all have recessed images and this makes them difficult to work with.
My son and I decided to make the heart ones tonight (used the recipe that was included with stamp set - will not use it again, very bland flavour). 
After cutting out the cookies with a heart shaped cutter I tried using the stamp dipped in red decorator sugar and found the granules to big.  Then I tried coloring granulated sugar to see if that would work - didn't got a big gob of sugar.  Hmmmmmmm
As I stared into the cupboard wondering what else I could do I spied a box of wild cherry Jello!!  When I was a kid if my mom needed to color icing she would use Jello powder to color the icing rather than food coloring.  What if I dipped the stamp in Jello powder prior to stamping???
Well, this is what I got.  The cookies have a light flavor of wild cherry (my son has requested strawberry for next time), and the image comes out visible.  The baking process seems to intensify the color as well, the cookies were not this bright when I put them to bake.  
So there you have it, cookies a la Evelyn.  Thanks mom.  
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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