Saturday, 28 January 2012

Field Journals

A few years ago when I bought my Bind It All tool I made a small journal for my son and put a dinosaur on the front so it would look proper for a little boy.  Ever since that time, he has carried small notebooks in his pockets (pants, snow pants, mud pants, back pack, lunch box, probably even some under the bed) and all of them are visibly scribed on "FIELD JOURNAL".  
Now, I love finding these "journals" when he forgets to put them away or I find them in the laundry as they are a glimpse into the very important matters of a seven year old boy.  I learn about the baby rabbit in the shrub behind the school, and that it does not like to be fed leaves, that the bug population on the boys bathroom floor at school has increased in population size since yesterday, what James had for lunch and what it looked and smelled like, and other assorted sundry matters that are of paramount importance.  
As I looked at my stack of these books that I keep on hand for that inevitable call "Mom, I need another journal" I decided I would use up some of the Twitterpated Designer Series Paper (DSP) and make some "girly" Field Journals.  The books are first covered in DSP and then the fabric flower from the Flowers Die are put on (there is Wonder Under on the back to fuse the flowers to the paper).  Various oddments are added on including buttons and on the middle one I cut and sewed the ribbon together to go around the book and then fused the flower to the ribbon.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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