Monday, 16 January 2012

Oh S"crap"! It's Monday...

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because I believe that if a behavior needs to be changed or modified, one should remedy it immediately, not wait until the next calendar year.  My current project however, comes from some New Years resolutions that I saw other people post on their blogs.
The first idea is that several people showed organizing or cleaning up their craft rooms.  I was amazed at the amount of s"crap" that people have lying around.  I was once accused of being a dust chaser to which I responded that I am not, because to chase dust one would have to have it (I do not).  Looking at all of the stuff people have squirreled away in their craft rooms, made me decide that I will continue with my blog and post a project daily to continue to use my crafting supplies, and validate the existence or ownership I have of these supplies.
The second idea comes from the "generous" people who blogged about how after Christmas they take all their left over Christmas paper to various charities and "gift" it to the less fortunate.  The cynic in me wonders why the less fortunate would want Christmas paper after Christmas to craft with.  Several years ago, a colleague and myself went to a local charity in Edmonton to search for winter coats for a family with small children who had relocated to the Edmonton region for medical reasons of one of the children.  The entire family was in need of winter wear as the demands of the re-location and the sick child had taken it's tole on them.  On route to this charity I thought what a brilliant idea, I will donate my old winter coat to this place since I needed a new one as mine was not keeping me warm while I shoveled the walk.  However, on arrival I realized that everyone else (like myself) had donated their old coats which were no longer in style or like mine, the layers and liners worn out.  It dawned on me then, if I am not warm shoveling my walk in this coat, why would someone living on the street, or not able to get a warm meal at home, want my old coat??  Since then I have given money, or quilts, along with items people might actually use.  I always think of the quote from the "Sound of Music" movie when Julie Andrews describes her dress by stating "the poor didn't want this".
Now, here is my dilemma: I do not want to become one of those people with a basement full of crafting materials, and I am not about to donate it to the less fortunate just because it is taking up room in my house.  Therefore, to get rid of it I have come up with the "Oh S"crap"!  It's Monday theme.  Every Monday I will dig through my box of scrap paper and make a card using only the bits from the box.  No additional supplies can be brought into the equation.  Once I have enough of these cards, I will give these finished cards to one of the woman's charities here in Edmonton, for these women to give out as wanted, or if you have a better idea let me know.
The above card was made using only things in the box.  Although it does not look like anything particularly "top drawer" it was really difficult to find paper and scraps that would work together to come up with a card idea.  Remember, this is my first try at something like this.  But, alas, do not worry I have a whole box of paper to use up over the next year, things are bound to get better.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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