Saturday, 14 January 2012

Stampin Up Transportation

Did anyone know that Stampin Up also has their own line of Coupe's and Airliners available to everyone?  I was notified of this today while preparing the recycling bag.  Apparently, one can get a roadster for everyday touring, and with a few modifications an airliner all from a simple shipment of products!  Amazing!
I am posting this as I always close with "Hope this inspires your own creativity", and here is creativity...  My son's school last year did a tribute to each child and I was so proud as the tribute to my son was that he inspired creativity in his work, play, and his classmates.  As I look at the motto on the side of the Stampin Up box I cannot help but smile; he was inspired to make these modes of  transportation from the boxes, created ways to make that happen, and now I am sharing this creativity.  Today, I encourage all of us to sometimes think inside the box, and hope this inspires your own creativity...


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