Thursday, 12 January 2012

Too Much Pink!

I did a pre-order of some of the new stuff from the Stampin' Up Mini Catalogue, and it arrived today (took the same amount of time to arrive as usual, except Christmas and Boxing Day were in there - good job UPS).  I got some of this fabric (can't resist fabric), to see what it looks like.  WOW!!  It is pink, and the color of pink in real life looks like canned salmon.  I really hate pink especially this shade of pink, so I will have to get moving on getting rid of this stuff.  I decided I would run it through my Cuttlebug with Wonder Under on the back.  I used the Fun Flowers die cut and my new extended cutting pads (almost was thinking of getting a Big Shot- not necessary now).  The sack cloth towels are a Wal-mart "find".  I can only emphasize the "find" as it is a case of you get what you pay for.  The towels are very cheap, the cotton weave is very loose (no wonder they say lint free - there is no way the fibers could rub against each other to make any lint), the edges are not even, and the sewing on the seams is irregular.  I might have to start making my own sack cloth towels.  The ribbon is from the new catalogue, as is the fabric, and I simply ironed the fabric down and appliqued with my sewing machine.  If you are unfortunate privileged enough to receive one of these towels, please excuse the towel as I only appliqued on it.  Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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